Maskwonicut Street Bridge Closed

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has a webinar currently available here.

Maskwonicut Street Bridge notice to proceed date is 10/24/2021. Construction would begin in Spring of 2022. The anticipated completion date is August 31, 2024.

The bridge project is a MassDOT project, so the Sharon Engineering Division of the DPW can only obtain new information from MassDOT.  Once the Sharon Engineering Division receives any new information, we will immediately post the information on this website.

The bridge is closed due to structural damage caused by electrical lines shorting out on ice formations on the bridge. Pedestrians and motorists must not cross the bridge at any time, due to the risk of possible electrocution. Please seek alternate travel and walking routes.  Any information received by the Town of Sharon regarding project updates will be added to this website. You can also check the MassDOT project website and in the main news section of the Town of Sharon website.