Road Work/ Construction Updates 2020


Be advised, construction schedule is subject to a dynamic range of external factors. Influential factors can range from weather, sub-contractor availability, safety impacts, unforeseeable design complications, funding and many more.

The following paving projects are scheduled for 2021:

  • Gunhouse Street from Beach Street to East Foxboro Street (Road Repaving and Sidewalk Reconstruction)
  • Morse Street from Lakeview Street to Massapoag Avenue (Road Repaving)
  • Dedham Street from Edge Hill Road to Canton Street (Road Repaving)
  • Old Post Road from Pine Street to Walpole Street (Road Repaving)
  • Chessman Drive from Bishop Road to Williams Road (Sidewalk Reconstruction)
  • Forest Road- entire length (Road Repaving)
  • Chestnut Street from South Main Street to Depot Street (Road Repaving)
  • South Pleasant Street from Chestnut Street to Depot Street (Road Repaving)
  • Pine Road from South Pleasant Street to Chestnut Street (Road Repaving)

The following water main projects are scheduled for 2021:

  • Garden Street
  • Clarke Court from Garden Street to Webb Road
  • Edge Hill Road from Tiot Street to Norwood Street
  • Tiot Street