Lake Massapoag Advisory Committee


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With a CPC grant received in FY23 and an increased annual budget, the Lake Massapoag Advisory Committee (LMAC) initiated comprehensive lake and inflow nutrient testing, complementing the Board of Health's E. coli testing at beaches and inflows. It is launching educational efforts on the importance of limiting excess nutrients that promote algal blooms, and limiting bacterial sources from older septic systems that result in beach closings, during heavy rains and runoff. 

Sharon Town Meeting passed Article 15 in May 2022, updating the membership and charge of the Lake Massapoag Advisory Committee, formerly called the Lake Management Study Committee (created by Town Meeting Article 47 in 1969). LMAC has seven voting members: two appointees from the Select Board, Conservation Commission, and Planning Board, and one from the Recreation Advisory Committee.

The Town's Conservation Administrator manages the lake water level at the flume house to maintain a healthy flow in the lake and downstream following the Conservation Commission's “Procedures and Schedules for Controlling the Water Level in Lake Massapoag, Amended April 2000.”


    Board Members

    Name Title
    Colin Barbera Conservation Commission Appointee thru 6/30/24
    Laura Henze Russell Chair, Planning Board Appointee thru 6/30/24
    Eman Lasheen Select Board Appointee thru 6/30/24
    Ken Hyman Select Board Appointee thru 6/30/25
    Debbie Tatro Vice Chair, Conservation Commission Appointee thru 6/30/25
    Daniel Lewenberg Planning Board Appointee thru 6/30/26
    Gary Bluestein Recreation Advisory Committee appointee thru 6/30/26