Town Clerk

For the Parking Clerk:
 (781) 784-1500 x1200

Please Contact the Recreation Dept. Re. Beach Passes:
(781) 784-1530 x1704

Please Contact the Health Dept. Re. COVID-19:
 (781) 784-1514

Dog Registration

The Registration Deadline on May 31st has passed. 
The June 30th $50 Fee, but no non-criminal disposition fee has passed.
Animal Control has sent a letter and a non-criminal disposition out for any unregistered dogs.  If our system lists you as having unregistered dog(s) you will receive this letter soon.  If you are no longer the owner of the dog(s) or if your dog(s) have passed away, please except my condolences.  In this case you will not be charged.  You must simply call my office (781) 784-1500 x1201) and inform us.  We will update the record and you will be all set.  If you are currently the owner of the dog(s) please read the non-criminal disposition for your options.
Dogs Registered July 1st and later:
$90.00 per Spay/Neutered Dog ($15.00 + $50.00 Late Fee + $25 non-criminal disposition fee)
$95.00 per Intact Dog ($20.00 + $50.00 Late Fee + $25 non-criminal disposition fee)

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General Inquiries:
 (781) 784-1500 x1201

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mark F. Hogan Town Clerk Ext.1201
Beth A Kourafas Assistant Town Clerk Ext.1111
Shelley Kahalas Election / Registration Secretary Ext.1112