Board of Health

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    “Under Massachusetts General Laws, state and local regulations and community direction, Boards of Health are held responsible for disease prevention and control, and health and environmental protection and promoting a healthy community. Boards of Health serve as the local arm of both the Mass. Department of Public Health and the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection. To fulfill their duties, they develop, implement, and enforce health policies, oversee inspections to maintain minimum standards for sanitation in housing and food service, and assure that the basic health needs of their community are being met” (MAHB 2022).

    Boards of Health are made up of people from every walk of life who care about the well-being of their community. In Sharon, they appointed to a term of office (3 years) and are given the legal authority to set policies and make regulations to protect the public and environmental health.

    It’s a fact. In 1799, Paul Revere was Chairman of the Board of Health in Boston, the first local health board in Massachusetts. He and his fellow board members were given broad authority to control the “filth and offal” that contaminated the environment and produced deadly epidemics.

    Staff Contacts

    Name Title Phone
    Linda W Callan Assistant Health Department Administrator (781) 784-1500 ext. 1143
    Kevin Davis Health Agent for Engineering (781) 784-1525 ext. 2317
    Leandra McLean Health Department Administrator - Public Health Nurse (781) 784-1500 ext 1141

    Board Members

    NameTitleTerm Expires
    Mena Mesiha, MD



    Hope Klassman, M.Ed.


    Chuck Levine, EE, EdD


    Hillary Johnson, MHS


    Susan Saunders