Fire Department

The Sharon Fire Department is committed to providing services during this Corona virus emergency.

Please do your part in trying to limit the spread of COVID-19:

            Maintain Social Distancing

            Wash your hands frequently

            If you are feeling ill, self-isolate and call your primary care physician

            If you require emergency assistance, call 911. Please advise the 911 call taker that there may be someone in the home with the corona virus. If you have a patient face mask place it on the patient.

Staff Contacts


Fire Chief

(781) 784-1522

Deputy Fire Chief

(781) 784-1522

EMS Coordinator - Training Officer

(781) 784-1522

Fire Prevention

(781) 784-1522

Kelly Troy

Admin Assistant

(781) 784-1522

Capt. J. McLean

Group 1 Shift Commander

Capt. J. Ricker

Group 2 Shift Commander

Capt. K. Simpson

Group 3 Shift Commander

Capt. B. Cummings

Group 4 Shift Commander

F/F D. Martin

S.A.F.E. Educator