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Board of Health Approves Decrease in Drinking Water Fluoride Levels

The Sharon Health Department enforces state and local regulations, provides health communications to residents and businesses, and develops health protection programs to ensure the health and safety of town residents. Core responsibilities of the Health Department include infectious disease investigations and enforcement of regulations related to food safety, housing, children’s camps, public beaches, lead paint, water quality, and other environmental concerns.  A public health nursing program makes core disease prevention services—immunizations, blood pressure screening, and health consultations available to all residents. Emergency planning for infectious disease events, natural disasters, and other health threats is carried out in collaboration with public safety partners and other state and local public health agencies. The Health Department serves the Sharon Board of Health, which is authorized under MGL c.111, s. 31 to address public health concerns in the town.

The Sharon Health Department may be contacted at (781) 784-1500 ext. 1206.

For more information on the Sharon Board of Health, click here: Sharon Board of Health.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sheila Miller, RN Public Health Nurse (781) 784-1500 ext. 1141
Beverly Anderson, MPH, RS Health Administrator (781) 784-1500 ext. 1140
Linda Callan Administrative Assistant (781) 784-1500 ext. 1143
Jim Andrews Health Agent for Engineering (781) 784-1500 ext. 2317