Economic Development Committee

The Select Board, at its meeting on December 3, 2019, voted to re-establish the Economic Development Committee to advise the Select Board, Planning Board and other town boards on matters related to economic development and to support, promote, encourage and advocate for projects that expand the Town's commercial and industrial tax base in a manner that strengthens the local economy and diversifies the tax base consistent with the character of our community.

The Sharon Economic Development Committee (EDC) works proactively to promote, encourage and facilitate the development of responsible and properly planned commercial and industrial growth within the community in order to expand and strengthen the local economy and diversify the community's tax base and to give the Town's residents more opportunities to live, work and thrive in an economically focused and financially stable community.

The charge of duties of the Sharon Economic Development Committee include the following:

  • Advise the Select Board, Planning Board, Town Administrator and other boards and committees on economic development issues and trends.
  • Track, analyze, and understand our Town’s changing economy and business needs.
  • Develop guidelines and recommendations, and support public and private initiatives related to business retention, business attraction, business development, workforce development, entrepreneurship, infrastructure to support economic growth, and redevelopment of sites and buildings.
  • Analyze barriers to economic development, and develop draft bylaws, policies, regulations, and zoning regulations to address those barriers, to foster economic growth, and strengthen the local economy consistent with the goals of the Master Plan while being respectful of environmental and traffic considerations.
  • Develop recommendations to maximize business interest in our community, to support existing businesses, and to attract potential new businesses.
  • Undertake and support activities aimed at enhancing the economic well-being of the community by the promotion of a sustainable economy which will retain and create quality employment opportunities and a broadened tax base for the town and its residents.
  • Actively and regularly consult with existing small and large businesses in town and the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • Work with other public and private entities, and staff to promote the economic well-being of the community and participate in regional economic development efforts.
  • Promote Sharon’s identity in the region.

Please be advised that at their meeting of January 19, 2021, the Select Board voted unanimously to amend the composition of the Economic Development Committee as outlined below.


On January 19, 2021, the Select Board voted unanimously to amend the composition of the committee which shall now be comprised of up to eight (8) members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Select Board who represent a cross-section of business owners and leaders that understand the unique requirements of implementing the economic development goals of our Town’s 2019 Master Plan. Committee members will be appointed to staggered, three-year terms.

Committee Members

Name Title
Pasqualino Pannone Member
Robert Maidman Chair
Eli Hauser Member
Alan Lury Member
Jim Berish Member
Xander Shapiro Member
Aleksander Tomic Member
Milena Virrankoski Member