Household Trash Collection, Recycling, and Composting information

Household trash must not be put at the curb prior to noon on the day before your scheduled household trash collection day. 

****Republic Services has asked that residents leave trash and recycling at least 10 feet away from mailboxes with the lid opening facing the street.***

Effective April 1, 2021

Container size

Cost per Quarter/Year

Container Dimensions

Container Description

35 gallon

$97/$388 annually

19” x 23.75” x 37.5” high

Holds an average of 3 kitchen garbage bags.

65 gallon

$115/$460 annually

24” x 37” x 41.5” high

Holds an average of 6 kitchen garbage bags.

96 gallon

$128/$512 annually

26” x 34.5” x 46” high

Holds an average of 10 kitchen garbage bags; 
this container is the same size as your recycling container.

Trash/Recycling Questions or Issues:  
Town of Sharon DPW  781-784-1525 x2314

Trash/Recycling Billing inquiries:  
Town of Sharon Collector’s Office  781-784-1500 x1200