Conservation Commission

Zoom Meeting Guidelines:

In an effort to provide a smoother path for inclusion of citizens’ concerns during its meetings, the Conservation Commission is putting the following procedures into place:

For abutters/interested parties – Submit written concerns/questions regarding an upcoming agenda item via email to the Commission office at .  Those comments received PRIOR TO 10 o’clock the morning of the meeting date will be reviewed by the Administrator and the Chair. If determined to be reasonable, the subject of the concerns will be incorporated into the Commission’s discussion at the appropriate time during the meeting that night. Any unresolved issues, as determined by the Commission or applicant, will be continued for follow-up at a subsequent meeting. By submitting concerns in advance, it is hoped that those needing to be raised individually during the meeting can be kept to a minimum.

For applicants and project proponents - It is very likely that hearings will not be opened and closed during the same meeting. Until we return to our “regular” meeting style, the expectation should be that any public hearing may take, at the  very least, two meeting dates in order to be closed. This will allow for concerns expressed by email or any unresolved legitimate concerns to be addressed by the applicant at the follow-up meeting (hearing continuance) or, if necessary, any new concerns/questions raised during that night’s presentation to be investigated and resolved to the Commission’s satisfaction.

Conservation Commission Mission Statement:  The Conservation Commission is responsible for the protection of wetlands.  The purpose of the Commission is to protect the water resources and adjoining land areas in Sharon by controlling activities deemed by the Conservation Commission as being likely to have a significant or cumulative effect upon wetland values, including but not limited to, public or private water supply, groundwater, flood control, water pollution, erosion and sedimentation control, storm damage prevention, fisheries, shell fish, wildlife habitat, recreation, aesthetics, and agricultural values, collectively.  General direction and instruction as to how the wetland bylaw applies to individual property owners, as well as site visits and enforcement capabilities, are available through the office staff.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda W Callan Administrative Assistant 781-784-1511
John Thomas Conservation Administrator 781-784-1500 Ext 1703

Board Members

Name Title
Peg Arguimbau Chair - Term Expires 12/2020
Meredith Avery Vice Chair Term Expires 12/2021
Stephen Cremer Term Expires 12/2021
Keevin Geller Term Expires 12/2020
Alan Westman Term Expires 12/2020
Colin Barbera Term Expires 12/2022
Jon Wasserman Term Expires 12/2022