Wetland Permit Forms and Guidelines

When should I file an application with the Conservation Commission?

Under the “Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act” (310 CMR 10.00), the “Town of Sharon Wetlands Protection Bylaw” (Chapter 262; of the Town of Sharon General Bylaw), and the “Rules and Regulations of the Sharon Conservation Commission”,  the Conservation Commission has statutory jurisdiction for regulating activities proposed within 100 feet of a resource area and within the 200 foot Riverfront Area of perennial streams.

Please be advised that the Commission adminsters local setbacks to wetland resource areas, further defined within the Rules and Regulations Section 5.06.

For minor disturbance projects, where the proposed work falls within 100 feet of wetland resources a Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) is to be filed with the Commission. Examples of minor disturbance projects that may fall under this category may be (but not limited to) the construction of decks, sheds, and native landscaping.

For major disturbance projects, where the proposed work falls within 100 feet of wetland resources a Notice of Intent (NOI) is to be filed with the Commission. Examples of major disturbance projects that fall under this category may be (but not limited to) the construction of commercial/industrial buildings, impervious structures, subdivisions, dwellings, removal of vegetation, regrading, and additions.

A complete application would include  1)  a project narrative, 2) MassDEP Forms,  3) site design plans showing the proposed work and wetland resources on-site, 4) abutter notification information, 5) variance requests (if applicable), and 6) associated permit application fees.

Please formally submit any application to the Conservation Department at least two (2) weeks prior to the Commission’s next public hearing. Submission deadlines are Wednesday at 12PM. The Commission public meetings are typically the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every calendar month.

Please check with the Conservation Department for help in determining which form to file and/or additional information regarding the permitting process. Permit application forms may be found on the MassDEP’s website.

The following links  and attachments are being provided to assist applicants with the Permitting process, please ensure that the Commission receives all appropriate forms for any activities within the jurisdiction of the Commission. Please refer to our Bylaw, Rules and Regulations for additonal information.


Request for Determination - WPA Form 1 (RDA)

Notice of Intent - WPA Form 3 (NOI)

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation - WPA Form 4A (ANRAD)

Extension to an Order of Conditions - WPA Form 7

Request for Certificate of Compliance - WPA Form 8A


Abutter Request Form

Affidavit of Service [Form]

Notifcation to Abutters [Form]

Permit Application Checklist [NOI Checklist]

Application Fee Schedule

Conservation Meeting Schedule 2021 [rev. 6.18]