When Are The Dog Licenses Due And How Do I Register My Dog?

Dog licenses are due January 1 of each year.
Licenses can be purchased at the Town Clerk's Office or by mail.  The following documents are necessary to register your dog:

  • Current rabies certificate
  • spay/neutered certificate
  • fee $15.00 spayed/neutered; $20.00 male/female
  • self-addressed stamped envelope (mail only)

The licensing period is from January 1 - December 31 of each year.

  • Failure to license by May 31 results in a $50.00 late fee in addition to the license fee;
  • Failure to license by June 30 results in a $25.00 non-criminal disposition in addition to a $50.00 late fee and license fee.


All dogs must be licensed by May 31 of the current year.  A $50.00 late fee for dogs unlicensed by May 31 will be charged and an additional $25.00 non-criminal disposition for dogs unlicensed by June 30th as well as the $20/$15 license for the current year. For more information see Animal Control.

Pay your dog license online