Lost and Found

Did you know? In 1999, in America over six million family pets were lost! ONLY 16.6% of dogs and 2.1% of cats were reunited with their owners!

Reuniting lost pets with their owners is one of the most rewarding things animal shelters do. But it does not happen often enough. While most people think that it could never happen to them, losing a pet happens much more frequently than they realize.

The Town of Sharon Animal Control Department is asking pet owners to please put a personal ID tag, rabies tag (required by law for all pets), and license tag (required by law for all dogs), microchip, tattoo, or any device on their pet to better help shelters identify and return lost pets. If your pet has a tag with your address and name on it, they will most likely be given a ride home instead of to a shelter.

There's controversy as to whether it is safe for cats to wear collars continuously. With a well-fitting collar, cats are totally safe from harm. Cats need ID tags as much as dogs…even more so when you consider the 2 percent return-to-owner rate.

Please help spread the word!
More animals with tags means that more animals will make it home again. And with fewer lost animals taking up shelter space, truly homeless animals will have a greater chance of being adopted!