Dog & Animal Laws

Regulation of Dogs:

    General Bylaws, Chapter 116 Article II

Laws Relating to Dogs (Mass. General Laws, Chapter 140 Section 136A-175) As Amended:

Additional Laws Pertaining to Dogs, Cats, and other Animals:

The Animal Control Officer has been authorized to issue citations for the violation of the Town bylaws (Chapter 116-7 Violations and Penalties and Chapter 116-12 Noncriminal disposition of violations).  At this time the ACO may issue a ticket for a leash law violation if he/she can not apprehend the dog at large and can make a positive identification as to the owner of said dog.  Citations will also be used to enforce the disturbance of peace bylaw if the ACO, after investigation of complaints, feels that any animal is disturbing the peace and quiet of any person. 
(Fines and offenses are assessed and accumulative per each calendar year)