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Homes and businesses in Sharon are entirely dependent on on-site wastewater processing involving standard septic designs or innovative/alternative systems. Issues pertaining to on-site wastewater systems are managed by the Health Agent for Engineering at the Sharon Department of Public Works.  For information related to Title 5 inspections, Sharon Board of Health regulations, system inspections, and variance hearings, please see the links on this page.

To contact the Health Agent for Engineering, please call (781) 784-1525 x 2317.

Information regarding fees for septic system application and alternative/innovative systems may be found at the following link:

Regulations for Septic System

On-site waste water systems must be in compliance with both state and local regulations.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) regulates septic systems through 310 CRM 15.000: Title 5.   All planned and existing septic systems must comply with Article 7 of the Sharon Board of Health regulations as well. Contact the Health Agent for Engineering in the Department of Public Works with any questions on these regulations.

310 CMR 15.000: The State Environmental Code, Title 5

Article 7-Minimum Requirements for the Subsurface Disposal of Sanitary Sewage


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Septic Variance Hearings  

Instructions for Variance Hearings 2016


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