Sharon Police Department receives Certification from Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission

Sharon Police Department receive Certification from Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission
From left are: MPAC President & Chief of Police Hamilton Russell Stevens, Sharon Police Lieutenant Kevin Bishop, Chief Stephen Coffey, Deputy Chief Brad Fitzhenry, Lieutenant Scott Leonard and MPAC Vice President & Chief of Police Bridgewater Chris Delmonte.

The Sharon Police Department recently received a Certification award from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.

“This is a coveted award which symbolizes professionalism, excellence and competence,” Sharon Police Chief Stephen Coffey said.

Certification is the first step towards full Accreditation. The Accreditation program establishes standards on best practices for police agencies to adopt.

“Accreditation is important on so many levels,” Chief Coffey said. “It ensures the safety of the community, the safety of our officers, increases accountability, builds community trust, transparency, reduced liability, and a commitment to excellence in leadership, training and delivery of services.”

Accreditation is a self-initiated process by which police agencies voluntarily strive to meet and maintain standards that have been established for the law enforcement profession by the profession.

“Certification requires the assessment of our policies, 178 mandatory standards, and compliance,” Chief Coffey said. “Over the next year, we will be working towards full Accreditation which requires another assessment of our policies, another 159 standards, and compliance.”

The award was presented Feb. 7 in a ceremony held by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission at the Marlborough Country Club. Sharon was one of 12 departments awarded.

The Sharon Police Department began working towards Accreditation five years ago.

“Many personnel have contributed to the process and the success of this award,” Chief Coffey said. “I want to thank retired Chief John Ford and Chief Don Brewer for their commitment to start the process.

“Thank you to retired Lieutenant Don Williams for his dedicated work over the past several years. Thank you to Sharon Police Policy Review Committee for their tireless reading and involvement. Thank you to Lieutenant Scott Leonard for taking us over the finish line to Certification and thank you to all personnel for their patience, commitment, teamwork and dedication during this process.”