Handicap parking

Sharon Commission on Disabilities

The Sharon Police Department wishes to make it known that it is a $200 fine to violate the handicap parking laws. We have been and will continue to VIGOROUSLY enforce this violation. We are asking the public's cooperation to not block or park in any way to obstruct a handicap parking spot. Please don't cause a properly permitted permit holder to ask anyone to move so they can legally park.
Issues such as parking in a Handicap Parking space with an expired placard and using a placard issued to another person are something we look for. The mis-use of a placard can result in significant consequences for the holder of the placard and/or the person mis-using the placard. The Registrar may, after a hearing, suspend or revoke the placard depending on the circumstances. The wrongful displaying of a placard could result in a civil fine and license suspension for the person involved in such behavior.

Officers will continue to monitor Handicap Parking spaces for violations in order to ensure such spaces are available for those that need them and have the proper plate or placard.

Last evening, Chief Kaufman met with the Sharon Commission on Disabilities to discuss these issues, and inform them that the Sharon PD will continue its vigorous enforcement of handicap parking related violators.

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