Norfolk County Mosquito Control - new regulations

The Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) has approved changes to the pesticide exclusion regulations, and is currently working on an online form which will be available for residents to directly request exclusion from wide-area pesticide applications. There will no longer be a deadline to request exclusion.Requests will be allowed at any time of year and expire at the end of each calendar year.

In addition, requests for exclusions will no longer be going to Town Clerks or Norfolk County Mosquito Control. The requests will be directly made through an online form at the Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) and simultaneously be forwarded to Mosquito Control Districts.

A letter was sent out last week to all residents who had requested property exclusions in 2016 informing them of this change.We had asked these residents not to send exclusion request to the Town Clerks or Norfolk County Mosquito Control District. Expectations are that the form will be up and running in the next couple months, in time for the residents to submit their exclusions before applications begin in the spring/summer.

Once more information is available; it will be posted on this website: