Elections: Annual Town Election 05/16/23

Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 Annual Town Election
May 16, 2023 Annual Town Election
Sample Ballot
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Election Calendar:
January 24, 2023Nomination Papers availableTown Clerk's Officestarting at 8:00am
March 28, 2023Last day to obtain Nomination PapersTown Clerk's Officeby 5:00pm
March 28, 2023Last day to submit Nomination PapersTown Clerk's Officeby 5:00pm
April 13, 2023Last day to object to or withdraw from a nominationTown Clerk's Officeby 5:00pm
April 21, 2023Last day to register to voteTown Clerk's Officeby 5:00pm (in-person)
May 1, 20232023 Annual Town MeetingHigh School Auditoriumat 7:00pm
May 16, 20232023 Annual Town ElectionHigh School Gymnasium7:00am - 8:00pm
Offices on the Ballot:
Board of Assessors1 Seat3 Year Term
Board of Library Trustees2 Seats3 Year Term
Housing Authority1 Seat5 Year Term
Moderator1 Seat3 Year Term
Planning Board1 Seat5 Year Term
School Committee2 Seats3 Year Term
Select Board1 Seat3 Year Term
Town Clerk1 Seat3 Year Term
Candidates and Status of Nomination Papers:
* Indicates a Candidate for Re-election
** Indicates a Candidate Currently in Position by Appointment
Board of AssessorsAnne M. Carney*01/2403/1603/16-----Yes
Board of Library TrusteesCarolyn L. Weeks*01/2502/1502/15-----Yes
Board of Library TrusteesSarah W. Windman*01/2402/1302/13-----Yes
Housing AuthorityXander Shapiro*01/3003/2003/21-----Yes
ModeratorAndrew Nebenzahl*02/0203/2703/27-----Yes
ModeratorAvi Shemtov02/09--------------------
Planning BoardXander Shapiro**01/3003/2003/21-----Yes
School CommitteeJulie DeFalco Rowe*01/2403/2703/27-----Yes
School CommitteeAdam J. Shain*01/2503/0603/06-----Yes
Select BoardHanna Switlekowski*01/2403/0703/08-----Yes
Town ClerkMark F. Hogan*01/2401/3001/30-----Yes
Interested in Running For Office:
If you are interested in running for office please read "A Candidate's Guide to Running for Town Office in Sharon in 2023"
To Download the Guide: Click Here
Register to Vote:
April 21, 2023 - Deadline to Register to vote
(For both the Annual Town Meeting and Election)
To Register to Vote Online: Click Here
To Download a Mail-In Voter Registration Form: Click Here
Ways to Vote:
* On Election Day: May 16, 2023:
   At the Sharon High School Gymnasium
   7:00am - 8:00pm
   School Starts at 8:00am and Ends at 2:40pm.  Due to traffic issues around the start and end of the school day, I strongly recommend avoiding those times.
   Click on Images for close up views:
        (Depending on construction this is subject to change)
The New Parking Lot is Reserved for Election Parking.  The Orange Arrow Indicates the Way to the Voting Entrance/Exit.  Areas Highlighted in Red are Under Construction.Voter's are Only Permitted in the Gymnasium and the Hallway with the Orange Arrows.  DO NOT enter any other part of the High School! 
* Vote By-Mail or Absentee (By-Mail):
May 9, 2023 - Deadline to submit a Vote By-Mail or Absentee (By-Mail) Application.
   * Returning Applications for a Vote By-Mail or Absentee Ballot:
  (Links for Applications Bellow)
       Applications may be returned by mail, or in-person at the Town Clerk’s Office.  Applications may also be submitted by fax to (781) 784-1518 or by email to vote@townofsharon.org.  Please consider any of the methods that are not through the mail.  The signature must be visible and signed in substantially the same manner as a handwritten signature (signed by mouse, stylus, or finger).  Applications with typed signatures will not be accepted.  All applications must be received by the Town Clerk’s Office no later than 5:00pm on May 9, 2023.  I encourage you not to wait that long. 
   * Returning Your Completed Vote By-Mail or Absentee Ballot:
       When you have finished voting, place your ballot in the affidavit envelope, and sign the envelope.  When returning a ballot, I strongly recommend avoiding the mail and instead placing it in our drop box, located in the vestibule of Town Hall.  The drop box is available 24/7.  All ballots must arrive at the Town Clerk’s Office by 8:00pm on May 16, 2023.  DO NOT bring your ballot to the High School; it MUST be dropped off at Town Hall!
   * Requesting a Vote By-Mail Ballot:
       * For a 2023 Vote By-Mail Ballot Downloadable Paper Application - Click Here
       * To request a 2023 Vote By-Mail Ballot through the Online Portal - Click Here
       * To Track the Status of Your Vote By-Mail Ballot - Click Here
   * Requesting an Absentee Ballot:
      * To qualify for an Absentee Ballot, you must:
         * Be away from Sharon on Election Day;
         * Have an accessibility issue that prevents you from voting at the High School; or
         * Have a religious belief that prevents you from voting at the High School on Election Day.
      * For a Mail-In Absentee Ballot Application - Click Here
Accessible Voting:
May 9, 2023 - Deadline to submit a Accessible Voting Application.
Voters in MA who are unable to physically mark a paper ballot have the option to vote in person with the aid of our AutoMARK device, or with the aid of a human assistant.  They have also had the option to vote by mail with the aid of a human assistant.  Those options are all still available, but now there is a new option for voting remotely.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts now offers an Accessible Ballot that allows voters who are unable to physically mark a paper ballot on their own, the ability to vote independently.
An Accessible Ballot can be emailed to a qualified individual, that will allow them to vote using their own personal technology, such as screen readers.  
If you qualify for an Accessible Ballot you can request one through the following options:
       * To request a 2023 Accessible Ballot through the Online Portal - Click Here
       * For a 2023 Accessible Ballot Downloadable Paper Application - Click Here
In order to receive an Accessible Ballot an email address must be provided.  People who do not qualify have accidently requested an accessible ballot, so our office may reach out to confirm your request before sending the ballot.
Additional Information:
* Tabulator Testing:
      May 3, 2023, at 2:00pm at the Town Clerk’s Office, we will be testing our tabulators.  This is a routine requirement before any election and is open to the public.
Sign Holding During Voting:
* Holding Rules:
    * Do not attach signs to trees. MGL Chapter 87, Section 9
    * Do not attach signs to fences, structures, poles, rocks or other objects. MGL Chapter 266, Section 126
    * Any signs that are designed to be held must be held.  You are not allowed to attach signs to anything and leaning them up against something creates a public safety issue.
* 150 Foot Rule:
    * No Campaigning is allowed within 150 Feet of the election. MGL Chapter 54, Section 65
Click on the Image for a close up view.
Campaigning can occur in the green zones.
    * Election Day:
       Sharon High School Gymnasium
            Click on the Image for a close up view.
           (This Image Will Be Posted After the Installation of the New Parking Lot Between April 17-21, 2023)
            Campaigning can occur 150' from the gymnasium.
Campaign Staff Parking:
    * Due to new Parking Lot being installed the week of April 17-21, 2023 this information is currently unavailable.