How do I vote absentee for an election?

A registered voter may vote absentee if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • absence from Sharon during normal polling hours; or
  • physical disability preventing you from going to the polling place; or
  • religious belief; or

A non-registered voter who is:

  • a Massachusetts citizen absent from the state; or
  • an active member of the armed forces or merchant marines, their spouse or dependent; or
  • a person confined in a correctional facility or a jail, except if by reason of felony conviction.

You can vote in person at the Town Clerk's Office when the ballots are available. Or, you can fill out an Absentee Ballot Application form.  Or, you can request an absentee ballot by mail. When requesting by mail, include the following information: election and date for which request is made, name of registered voter requesting ballot, legal Sharon address, address where ballot is to be mailed, signature of registered voter, print name under signature and if your political designation is No Party (Unenrolled), indicate the party ballot requested for a Presidential Primary election.  A separate request must be made for each registered voter.