Report a Tip

Sharon Police badge

We strongly encourage residents to call 911 to report drug activity, suspicious activity, threats or violent crime. Most times the best response to criminal activity in progress is to call 911 so officers can respond in real time. 

Traffic complaints should be made by using the Traffic Complaint form.

To pass along information about drug activity or information about other criminal activity, you can call our tip line at 781.784.5692.

You can also report information by submitting this online Crime Tip form.

Another option is sending an email to  Tips should not replace real time reporting of crime or any issue needing immediate police response.

Some helpful information to include in your tip is as follows:

1. What type of criminal activity is occurring.

2. Who is involved or a description of the person involved being as descriptive as possible with age, sex, height, weight, hair color, etc.

3. Motor vehicle being used if there is one, plate number if it is possible to get the number safely.
4. Times that this activity is taking place or has been observed.
5. Anything that has been observed such as other people involved, other vehicles involved, etc.

The tip line is checked daily and the emailed tips are directed to specific detectives.

** Information regarding all other activity not considered to be drug or criminal related may be processed through our main number at 781.784.1587 or submit any one of the forms available at

Thank you for your assistance.