Eversource Construction Update - Helicopter Flyover - Walpole to Holbrook Reliability Project

Notification from Eversource:

PURPOSE OF FLYOVER: We are planning to perform helicopter work to facilitate the installation of new material and wire along the 447-502 Line from Walpole to Holbrook. The helicopter will be used to carry workers, tools, materials and string wires onto structures in the utility rights-of-way.

PULL SCHEDULE: While the helicopters will be performing various activities to prepare for the line work throughout the right of way during the timeframe mentioned above the line work in the town of Sharon is expected to be as follows:

Sharon: 4/9 – 4/13; 5/8 – 5/14; 6/2 – 6/10 

DESCRIPTION OF AIRCRAFT: The aircraft is from Haverfield and is a Black Hughes MD 500, N363CC. The tail number is in red and gold lettering.


Below see the road crossings in your town:


To ensure the safe completion of this work, Massachusetts State Police, and local police, traffic control vehicles, and signs will be deployed on the below crossings to help manage the flow of traffic as the helicopter pulls the lines over the two highways. For safety reasons, traffic flow will be slowed, and possibly stopped with intermittent lane and shoulder closures on:

 • No work on state road in your area

WORK ON LOCAL ROADS: Police details will also be at intersections where wires transverse:

• Moose Hill Street in Sharon
• Norwood Street in Sharon
• Fales Road in Sharon
• Bullard Street in Sharon
• Richards Ave. in Sharon
• Saw Mills Pond Road in Sharon
• Canton Street in Sharon
For more information about this work, please contact Megan Aconfora, Siting & Construction Services Representative, at 203-499-9245. You may also call 1-800-793-2202, or send an email to TransmissionInfo@eversource.com.