Abatement & Demolition of Former Fire Station

Construction Area

The abatement and demolition of the former fire station is imminent and there will be disruptions for those visiting Town Hall from mid-May through mid-June. Please be advised of the following (and refer to the attached maps below):

Abatement inside the former fire station will begin on Monday, May 21, and is expected to last approximately 1 to 1.5 weeks. There will be equipment mobilized during this process, including dumpsters, trucks, etc. 

Demolition will begin not long after the abatement is complete. A fence will be erected around the former station, and the South Main Street access, and the parking spaces closest to the fire station will be unavailable. 

During demolition, trucks will be entering from South Main Street, leaving onto Bradford Avenue, on to East Chestnut Street and back on to South Main Street. Consequently, the exit from Town Hall onto East Chestnut Street will act temporarily as a two-way entrance. Please exercise caution when entering or exiting the parking lot!

Parking will be extremely limited during demolition; as such, the town-owned lot across the street on East Chestnut Street (next to CVS) will be used for auxiliary parking when the main Town Hall parking lot is full.

Demolition itself will take approximately 3 days and several additional days thereafter to truck out the materials.

As during any type of construction, it will be noisy and dusty, but the contractor do their will mitigate the impacts. We ask for your patience during this time.

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