Forms and Permit Applications


Applying for a Residential Kitchen Permit provides a guidance document  Residential Kitchen Questions and Answers  to assist individuals in complying with state regulations related to the production and sale of food made in a kitchen of a residence.

Generally, only Non-Potentially Hazardous foods may be prepared in a permitted Residential Kitchen and food produced under this permit may only be sold at retail by the producer of the food product.  Types of food allowed include: baked goods (cakes and cookies), jams, jellies and roasted coffee beans.

If you wish to wholesale your food product to retail shops you will be required to obtain a wholesale food permit Wholesale Food Permit License.

If the food products you wish to produce are potentially hazardous, then a Commercial Kitchen Permit is required. These types of food include: cream-filled pastries, cheesecake, or custard, in addition to cut fruit and vegetables, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, pickled products, relishes, garlic in oil, and salad dressings.  It may be easier to join a shared commercial kitchen rather than building out your own commercial kitchen.  To discuss further, please contact the Health Department.

To apply for a Residential Retail Kitchen permit, complete the Residential Kitchen Application below  and submit the application with the required permit fee of $50 to the Health Department. Upon receipt of your application an inspection of your home kitchen will be scheduled with our health inspector and a permit will be issued within two weeks of final inspection of your kitchen.

Forms and Applications