Help Protect Our Lake - Clean-Drain-Dry



Everytime you exit a waterbody


Clean motorboats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and inflatable watercraft by inspecting your boat thoroughly and removing all dirt, plant and other material from your rudder, hull, cockpit and gear.

If you're coming from a region with infested water bodies or find AIS during your inspection, wash with pressurized hot water if available, away from any water source.

Cleaning solutions such as bleach, 409 degreaser, and vinegar can also be used to clean watercraft and effectively kill AIS; however, these solutions should never be used to clean watercraft on a beach or river bank where the solution could inadvertently enter the waterbody.

Drain the water from your hatches, cockpits, boards, and gear on land before you leave the immediate area. Open all hatches or plugs, and if possible turn the boat upside down and rest on an open hatch to incline the watercraft and drain it.

Dry your watercraft and gear, and store them in a dry place where aquatic invaders cannot survive. Inspect your watercraft and gear for moisture before launching.

Dispose of all dirt, plant and other material above the waterline on dry land or in a trash can. Be aware of storm drains and gutters that may flow to streams, rivers, or lakes.

Making the “Clean, Drain and Dry” technique a habit every time you haul out or move between water bodies will take just a few extra minutes and can make all the difference in protecting your recreation experience and Lake Massapoag.