What do I need to know before paving my driveway or working in the right-of-way?

Street Opening and Work in the Public Way

Any digging or disruption of soil, including installation of parking areas, walls or landscaping in the right-of-way, requires a "Street Opening Permit". The right-of-way is the land that the Town of Sharon owns that the sidewalk and roadway lies within. Work performed in the right-of-way is considered a street opening in the Town of Sharon. Work in the right-of-way without a "Street Opening Permit" is considered destruction of Town property and the Town may bring legal action against contractor or residents that work in the right-of-way without a permit.  All work in the right-of-way must be approved by the Town Engineer. There are no exceptions to this rule. "Street Opening Permits" cost $85 and there may also be bonding required for work in the right-of-way, as delineated in Artcle 35A of the General By-Laws of the Town of Sharon, MA. The full Street Opening By-Law with application forms can be found at this location: Article 35A

In addition to a "Street Opening Permit", a contractor must be licensed to work in the Town of Sharon and obtain a "Contractor's License". The contractor must be insured and pay a $100 fee to obtain a license in the Town of Sharon. The Construction License By-Law and application forms are found in Article 35B of the General By-Laws of the Town of Sharon and can be found here: Article 35B