What are the setback requirements for constructing?

Homes Click here to view the Zoning Dimensional Requirement Spreadsheet

Garages - Attached have to meet same requirements as the home. Detached have to be 10ft. from the property lines and any structure. If the garage is in the front yard it has to meet the front setback requirements.

Sheds - One story detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet, do not require a building permit.  

Inground Pools - Must be 20ft. from leaching fields, cesspools, seepage pits, or septic tanks; 10ft. from buildings or lot lines; Cannot be located within front setback

Aboveground Pools - Setback is 10ft. all around.
Minimum fence height for pools is 4ft.; gate latching must be 4ft. and self-closing; the fencing must be permanent with no holes or gaps greater than 4 inches.

Stables - Must be 50ft. from all dwellings on neighboring parcels and 50ft. from lot lines or the street.

Fences - Can be constructed up to 1 inch of the property line. Fences over 6 ft. in height require a permit that can be obtained at the DPW.  If the fence is to be constructed on a corner lot and may cause a viewing problem for people backing out of driveways or turning street corners, please call Building Inspector Kris White at 781-784-1525.