General By-Laws



Article 1Annual Meeting
Article 2Financial Committee
Article 2aBoards, Commissions, and Committees
Article 2bAttendance by Town Board, Committee, and Commission Members at Adjudicatory Meetings 
Article 3Financial Affairs
Article 3AMuncipial Finance Department
Article 4Legal Affairs
Article 5Chief of Police 
Article 6Reports and Records 
Article 7Secondhand Dealers
Article 8Hawkers and Peddlers
Article 10Police Regulations
Article 11Penalities
Article 12Sign-By-Law
Article 12aStripping or Removal of Earth Matters
Article 13Building Board of Appeals
Article 14Planning Regulations
Article 15Snow and Ice Removal
Article 16Regulation of Boating 
Article 16ARegulation of Personal Watercraft
Article 16BRegulation of Alcohol on Lake Massapoag
Article 17Regulation of Dogs amended STM-11/17/2014
Article 18Historic District Commission and Historic Buildings
Article 19 Council for the Aging
Article 20 Fire Code - Multi-Family Occupancies
Article 21Private Swimming Pools
Article 22Underground Electrical Services
Article 23Wetlands Protections
Article 24Water Restrictions
Article 25Enumeration of Fees
Article 26Disposal of Solid Waste, including Garbage
Article 27Underground Storage of Hazardous Materials
Article 28Indemnity of Town Treasurer & Tax Collector
Article 29Granting or Renewing of Licenses
Article 30Fire Alarm Systems, Registration and Regulations
Article 31Disposal of Surplus Property
Article 32Building and Inspection Fees
Article 32 AWeights and Measurement Fees
Article 33Groundwater Protection Regulations
Article 34Demolition of Historically Significant Buildings
Article 34AThe Naming Of Public Buildings And Public Lands
Article 35AStreet Opening By-Law
Article 35BPublic Works Construction License By-Law
Article 36Community Preservation Committee
Article 37Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination By-Law
Article 38Stormwater Discharges Generated by Construction Activity By-Law
Article 39Sharon Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Article 40Sharon Adequate Public Safety In-Building or Structure 
Scenic Roads Scenic Roads