Notice from the Board of Assessors

The Board of Assessors is resuming their re-inspection of houses and condominiums in Town.  The purpose of this project is to assure the accuracy of the Town’s assessing data.


A representative of Vision Government Solutions goes to houses in a given neighborhood and inspects both the interior and exterior of each house.  She will have an I.D. card with her photograph on it and does not inspect the interior of a house unless a person 18 years or older is present.  If no one is available to let her inspect the interior of a house, she leaves a notice on the doorknob requesting that the resident call the Assessor’s Office to set up an appointment to inspect the interior.


The Board of Assessors urges the public to be cooperative with this individual and understand that by assuring the accuracy of our assessing information we will be ensuring that every homeowner pays only his or her fair share in taxes.